How often should bedsheets be changed? for good health.

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The mattress is consider to be the happiest place for everyone. But did you know that bedsheets are a good breeding ground for bacteria? This is so because Sleep allows our skin to use this time to rebuild itself. Resulting in dead skin cells and new skin cells. Caught by the bed sheet Acts like a fishing net. that captures thousands of human cell types Including oils that come out of the body, various fluids, including urine and feces.

Additionally, people sweat up to 26 gallons in bed every year. And when the bed is expos to moisture, It will cause fungus to grow. Therefore, if you scratch your body, it may become infected. In addition, dead skin cells There are still factors that attract dust mites to stay on the mattress. It can also affect people with asthma.

Therefore, it is important to always wash your bedsheets thoroughly. Therefore, it prevents mold, germs, and dust mites that can cause health problems.

Bed sheets are another thing that we need to use every day. and spent many hours with it Washing each person’s bedsheets may be different. once a week Or some people may do it once a month. But did you know that bed sheets can be another important source of germs? UFABET has a story about bed sheets to share with you.

For cleaning bedsheets Some people may choose to wash it in a washing machine. Ready to spin dry in one go. But the bed sheets are made from different types of fabric. There will be different cleaning methods as well. which if washed or dried incorrectly It will cause the fabric to have a shorter lifespan and deteriorate more quickly.

Bed sheets made from cotton Clean it by washing it in the washing machine. Then put it to dry in the light sun. or put in the dryer Adjust the temperature low. Don’t make it too hot. To prevent the fabric from hardening

Bed sheets made from cotton mix with synthetic fibers: It is consider the easiest bedding to clean. Can be wash and clean with a washing machine. Then you can spin it and dry it. 

Bed sheets from satin for satin It takes a little delicacy to preserve the fabric so it doesn’t deteriorate and can be use for as long as possible. Satin bedsheets should therefore be wash by hand. By mixing cold water with a gentle detergent and then drying in the shade or drying at a low temperature. 

Bed sheets from flannel Cleaning flannel sheets Soak the bedsheet in very hot water. Leave it on without rubbing until the water starts to warm up. Then take the cloth and wring it out until it’s damp. Then put it to dry in the sun. Keep shaking and turning the dryer often until the cloth is dry, and you’re done. 

Silk bed sheets, for silk, can be wash in a washing machine. But choose a delicate wash mode. After washing, put it in the sun to dry. But be careful not to use clothespins. Because it will cause the silk to become scratched and become beautiful.