Warning signs that you’re feeling too stress out to handle

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When we have to live in a society that is increasing in stress every day. Because they all have to fight. to survive Until there was a phrase of the era that said, If you are weak, you will lose, which makes living today. People who are not ready to fight or not daring to respond become weak and must be oppressed at all times Until another word appeared:  The world makes me evil, all of which reflects the mental state of people in society. who have to face stress all the time And for some people it may be too much to handle. Therefore, it would be better if we observe ourselves and see how much stress we have at this time. Is it at an intolerable level yet?

Stress, the root cause of health problems The destroyer of mental and physical health is more serious than you think. The more stressed, the greater the risk of disease. When stress accumulates for a long time It may cause you to have high blood pressure, heart disease, insomnia, migraines, and stomach stress. And in addition to weakening the body’s immune system Stress can turn into depression or cause us to become depressed. It can be said that it is just stressed that we all have to deal with until it seems normal. ทางเข้า ufabet states that, but when is the stressed too much? Then disaster may come. Here are 5 signs that the body is indicating that You’re stressed out too much.

Weight fluctuates quickly. Stress often stimulates the body. To secrete certain hormones in large quantities, sometimes making you hungry. I want to eat too much. But sometimes stress releases certain hormones that cause the metabolism to work faster than normal.

Easily get sick. When stressed, immunity will decrease. As a result, you will be sick more easily than usual.

Bloating and irritable bowel syndrome if stress accumulates for a long time. The body secretes more gastric juice than normal. cause various symptoms.

Headache, dull pain, throbbing pain. Taking painkillers doesn’t make it better.

Insomnia, anxiety about stressful things The more you can’t sleep. Or when you sleep, you can’t sleep well. causing fatigue Irritated and easily sick.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, it may be time to find ways to get rid of your stress. Because it may mean that the first door to various diseases is about to open, so you should get rid of it quickly. Try to find a way to deal with it well, whether by venting or talking to someone. Go do your hobbies, go travel, go relax your brain. Use pets, music, natural therapy. If it still doesn’t get better, we would like to recommend that you try seeing a doctor. Before stress develops into other, more serious diseases.