Ways to get rid and reduce dust in the house.

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Includes ways to reduce dust in the house and prevent dust from entering the home. Including cleaning the house, vacuuming up dust mites, cleaning the air conditioner, using curtains that don’t pick up dust. Install air purifiers, mosquito screens, and equipment that helps the house to ventilate even though the house is always closed to avoid dust.

Dust in the house is something that everyone wants to avoid. Because besides making the house look dirty, it also affects health. It can cause allergies and respiratory problems in family members. Ways to avoid dust in the home include “reducing dust in the home” and “preventing dust from entering the home,” which ยูฟ่าเบท brings to you in total of 6 methods as follows.

Tidying up the house It’s a simple way to get rid of dust. and has long-term results If you want to store things in boxes, they should be boxes with lids or cabinets with doors that close. Keep things in place after every use. Furniture that is not in use should be covere with a cloth to prevent dust from accumulating. Including the disposal of garbage and unused items. But if any items are not yet decay, they can be donat as well.

Clean the ceiling and floor. The method of eliminating dust in the house that everyone is familiar with is sweeping the floor. and general floor mopping But another point is where dust accumulates. That is, along the ceiling or ceiling. Therefore, when starting to clean the house, clean it by sweeping down the cobwebs first. and gradually move to vacuuming the dust on the floor Before cleaning, use dust suppressant to wipe the floor thoroughly. Especially the floors of houses that are laminate or wooden floors. 

Clean the doormat. Whether it’s a dust-trapping rug in front of the house or a doormat inside the house. They all store a lot of dust. Especially carpets that have long, thick piles. This makes it easier for dust and germs to enter. Therefore, how to remove dust from the carpet should be use. Vacuum cleaner Vacuum clean at least 1-2 times a day and wash once a week.

Clean the fan. Another point where dust accumulates inside the home is the fan grill area. Because when left for a long time There will be dust particles, hair, and pet hair stuck in large dust particles. The next time I turned on the fan, it caused dust to spread. The members of the house breathed in dust again. Plus the wind wasn’t as strong as before. Therefore, if you see that the fan has started to have some dust on it. Take it out and wash it. Let the equipment air dry for a few hours. It is completely dry and can be assembl as before. It’s an easy way to get rid of large dust particles in your home. 

Wipe the backs of cabinets and tables. In addition to the floor, the areas where dust tends to stick are behind wooden cabinets, refrigerators, tables, and the edges of various cabinets. But if it’s a cabinet with thick dust deposits, If you’re not sure, use a feather duster because it will scatter dust. The proper way to get rid of dust is to use a damp cloth to cover it and wipe it in the same way. 

Use an air purifier. Even though the dust we see is already small, But there is dust and dust mites that are so small that they cannot be seen with the nake eye. Plus it is very dangerous to the body. Therefore it is recommend to use Air purifier In the bedroom or pet’s room For good health of both people and pets.

Dust is like a silent danger inside the home that affects health in many ways. And the more things in the house, The more dust will accumulate. So what is the best way to get rid of dust? In addition to mopping or vacuuming, Not creating spots for dust to stick to. It’s an easy choice. Plus it gets good results as well.