Straw mushrooms.

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It is a mushroom that grows well in nature. Therefore it is widely used in cooking. But many people don’t know that straw mushrooms also have good properties like this.

 Mushrooms are a favorite dish for vegetarians. Including during the Vegetarian Festival where various mushrooms are popularly used for cooking. Because it has high protein Especially if many types of mushrooms are cook together. UFABET You’ll also receive a variety of protein and nutrients. Along with good medicinal properties from each type of mushroom.

English name : Straw mushroom
Scientific name : Volvariella volvacea

Properties of straw mushrooms.

          – they are high in vitamin C. Taking it helps prevent gum disease. Scurvy
          – Contains volvatioxin to help prevent the growth of viruses that cause influenza.
          – Contains many important amino acids. If eaten regularly, it will help strengthen the immune system. Reduces various infections
          – Helps lower blood pressure
          – Traditional medicine has classified straw mushrooms as a pharmaceutical that has a sweet and cool taste. Therefore helps nourish the body. Helps digestion, nourishes the blood, nourishes strength, nourishes the liver, relieves internal heat, relieves internal bruising.
          – 100 grams of mushrooms provide 35 kilocalories of energy and only 0.2 grams of fat. It is considered a low-fat, low-calorie, and no cholesterol food.

*Caution: Do not eat raw straw mushrooms because they contain substances that inhibit food absorption. Therefore, it should be cooked a lot so that the body can easily digest it and absorb it for better use.