What food should be eaten for COVID-19 patients?

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          Food for COVID-19 patients should include 3 main food groups. Including foods that do not make symptoms worse. Foods that do not increase the risk of infection and complications and foods that do not increase disease during COVID-19 illness. The food is as follows.

1. Mild food

          Foods with a mild and neutral flavor are foods that have a low risk of stimulating irritation in the esophagus. Does not cause heavy coughing or risk gastrointestinal symptoms such as bloating or diarrhea, etc UFABET

2. Soft food, easy to digest

          Soft foods that are easy to digest include fish, rice porridge, pork blood soup, tofu dishes, steamed eggs, boiled eggs, stuffed eggs, and various vegetable dishes that do not require the body to take a long time to digest. The body will be able to quickly extract energy from food to use. It also helps avoid the symptoms of colic and bloating.

3. 1 hard-cooked egg per day

          Egg dishes are easy to make and packed with nutrients and have many benefits. Also, if you eat egg dishes that also have vegetables as ingredients, such as steamed eggs with spices. It will help the body receive vitamin C, various vitamins and antioxidants to help strengthen the immune system in the body. However, you should eat eggs that are cooked, not soft-boiled and not hard-boiled eggs.