Casemiro believes Manchester United cooler next season.

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Manchester United midfielder Carlos Casemiro believes the 2022-23 season is the right start on his path to Old Trafford glory. In the future, the potential will be even cooler than before.

The 31-carat midfielder’s first year under manager Erik ten Hag helped the team win Champions League tickets, Carabao Cup glory and reach the FA Cup final City 1-2. 

The conclusion that comes out is quite impressive. Then the Brazilian star urged everyone to go in the same direction because they felt the right direction. 

“It’s absolutely true that we are on the right track, going up, growing together as a team.” Casemiro opening his mouth through ‘MUTV’.

“I believe that we were able to get here because of the strong heart of the team manager. And how would you like to see us play?” 

“It is true that in terms of football. It came out really good. Even if the first part catches the way At this point the team has its own football philosophy.”

“But when you talk about football It will be a bit difficult to set up an egg when the team manager relatively new”   UFABET 

“So far we have been together for a full season. I saw examples of other teams. That took a while to start winning titles like Manchester City, Liverpool and Chelsea if they changed the team manager.” 

“So we need to go step-by-step. gradually growing and evolving.”

“Of course next season. It is very important that we maintain this growth.” 

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