Guru chased Pulisic away, don’t wait for Posh again.

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CBS Sports analyst Micah Richards believes it’s time for Chelsea winger Christian Pulisic to find regular playing time elsewhere. Better than waiting for luck. Who doesn’t know if there will be or not from waiting to buy Mauricio Pochettino, the new head coach

Since moving from Borussia Dortmund in 2019, costing more than 58 million pounds. The 24-carat player has never played a role at Stamford Bridge. How many team/head coaches are there? 

With that in mind, Richards advised American players to find a guaranteed new team in order to have a chance to improve in anticipation of the 2026 World Cup. Which the United States co-hosts.

“He needs to find somewhere that needs to play a key role.” said the former England defender. 

“Whenever serving the US national team That pillow plays differently. because it touches on being the main character.” 

“His potential is better than what is showing now. And you need to look for opportunities to compete more regularly.”UFABET

2022-23 season Pulisic has been disappointing: 30 games in all competitions with one goal, two assists and only eight league appearances. 

over the past 4 seasons Pulisic made 125 appearances, scoring just 26 goals, not worth £58m and in the eyes of all Chelsea fans. The player has failed in every aspect of his career at Chelsea.