Guru raises important issues that make Liverpool lose the Premier League title race

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Former Aston Villa player and football guru Jamie O’Hara believes there is a key factor in Liverpool ‘s elimination of the Premier League title race this season, according to UFABET SPORT.

The Reds have started the new season with a scrappy form from 2 wins, 3 draws and 1 loss, with nine points sitting seventh in the table, six points behind league leaders Arsenal with 15, while champions Manchester City. Old, although the last match was a draw with Aston Villa, but they collected 14 points, equal to Tottenham Hotspur.

Speaking on Liverpool’s title race, O’Hara pointed out the reason Jurgen Klopp’s side’s dreaded form ended in the title race at the start of the season.

“Every team is chasing Manchester City, but I think this year Liverpool is not the team that is going to win the title with anyone. With injuries that are hurting them right now, losing Thiago is a big loss for the team and I don’t think they will have as many midfield players as before.

“Everyone talks about it and we’ve seen it clearly. It was the loss of Sadio Mane, you can say anything about Luis Diaz’s replacement, but he never did at the level Mane did.”

“Maybe Mane is Liverpool’s best player, Salah is a good finisher. He does extraordinary things, but over 90 minutes you can see Mane doing everything for the team with and without the ball. He’s amazing.”

“He brings out a lot of the potential of the players next to him. I think he is a big loss for Liverpool too, they lost their best players.