How to bet in blackjack

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When you want to make money from Play Blackjack Online What you need and should do first is Learning how to bet So check it out and learn how to play blackjack right here. สมัคร UFABET

Stand: Means being satisfied with the cards dealt means staying still. Also known as “standing”, it only happens when we think that the total points we get now are okay. If drawing more, risk losing because the score exceeds 21 points (other names Stay, Stick, Stand pat).

Hit: means to draw more cards to get the total of the cards as close to 21 as possible.

Fold: Means crouching.

Double Down: means to bet twice on the first two cards. The method of placing a bet is to increase the bet to 1 time of the previous bet. And expect how many points the 3rd card will come out, if the total is more than the dealer and not more than 21 points, it is considered a win.

Split: If the player has a pair of cards, for example two 5s, the dealer will ask if they want to split? If yes, players can play 2 sets of cards at that time. (Can only be used when getting the first 2 cards dealt)

Surrender: In some games the player can request to surrender. and get only half of the bet money back (Can only be used when getting the first 2 cards dealt) 

Insurance: Means to insure the cards in case the dealer gets Blackjack. If the dealer’s first card gets A, the dealer will ask Do Insurance? If you do, add another half of the bet amount (for example, the bet is 20, the Insurance is 10). Insurance money (can only be used when the first 2 cards are dealt)