how to play tiger dragon online

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Tiger Dragon online card is another popular betting card game on the online casino website. Because of the form of the game that is simple, straightforward, takes time to decide the bet quickly. Causing whether novice or seasoned gamblers choose to play Dragon Tiger cards. To make money from casino websites and in my article. I will present methods of playing and various rules for you to get to know this game more. สมัคร UFABET

Rules for playing Dragon Tiger

– Players must choose to bet on the Dragon (Red), Tiger (Blue) and Tie slots.

– Each game will only have 25-50 seconds to place all bets. Depending on the website that offers service. and table to play So should look carefully before playing.

– The dealer will deal 1 card per side, with the winning side being side with more points The Dragon Tiger card game is a game that can be played with a single card. Therefore, let’s measure our luck to see which side will come and which side will go.

– The point of each card is in front of the card number. except for K = 13, Q = 12, J = 11 and A = 1.

– If the result is always Players who place bets on both the Dragon and Tiger side Must lose half of the bet placed for example If the player bets on the tiger’s side 200 baht and the result is a draw Will have to lose a bet of 100 baht, and the other 100 baht can go back

How to play Dragon Tiger

The method of playing Tiger-Dragon cards online is very similar to how to play Baccarat, only that the method of playing Tiger-Dragon cards Win or lose will be decided with 1 card, no 2nd or 3rd card is revealed like baccarat. In which the player must choose to bet on whether the Tiger or Dragon side cards will have higher points. And the betting style will only have 3 types to choose from.

– Choose to bet between Tiger, Dragon or Tie.

– Dealer deals 1 card per side.

– Open the cards and measure the points which side gets more points. That side wins the bet immediately.

stab the dragon side

Betting on the dragon side or the red side is where we bet that Dragon’s score is higher than Tiger’s score. In which the Dragon side players are dealt a card. and have the opportunity to open the cards first Let’s know the score first. The bet payout ratio is 1:1.

stab the tiger

Stab the tiger side or the blue side It is a guess that the Tiger side will have more points than the Dragon side. Which players on the Tiger side will receive a card later. which makes me know the score later on the dragon side The bet payout ratio is also 1:1.

always stab

This type of bet is that we choose to bet that Points for both sides are equal. In which the chances that both sides of the cards will come out tied is easier than other types of card games, thus making the odds payout as high as 1: 8.