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Benefits of cucumbers. Full health properties.

 Eating cucumbers every day is even better. Because cucumbers are vegetables that are available every season, they’re inexpensive, easy to buy and they’re also a delicious side dish. More importantly, who wants to know?            Let’s take a look at the health benefits of cucumbers. 1. Suppresses

What food should be eaten for COVID-19 patients?

          Food for COVID-19 patients should include 3 main food groups. Including foods that do not make symptoms worse. Foods that do not increase the risk of infection and complications and foods that do not increase disease during COVID-19 illness. The food is as follows. 1. Mild

Eryngii Mushroom.

This is a good thing hidden in a large mushroom like the eryngii mushroom. I can tell you that anyone who misses this will definitely regret it. English name : King Oyster MushroomScientific name : Pleurotus eryngii Properties of the eryngii mushroom.           – beta-glucan in eryngii mushrooms

Straw mushrooms.

It is a mushroom that grows well in nature. Therefore it is widely used in cooking. But many people don’t know that straw mushrooms also have good properties like this.  Mushrooms are a favorite dish for vegetarians. Including during the Vegetarian Festival where various mushrooms are popularly used for cooking. Because